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Tools invented by human beings prolong or widen some body organs: therefore, in the same way as a sword prolongs the arm, or the microscope prolongs the eye, the computer enlarges memory without limits. We have availability to a varied world of images that humans have produced, from where we have access through the internet, on the computer screen.
Art that uses the digital universe, is an art of memory, which unwinds time in a discourse, emphasizing narration more than grammar.
Miguel Chicharro and his heteronomous: Simón Romano, Desiderio Mundi and Horacio Font, share common interests such as the figurative nature of their work, the use of collage, the counterpoint or conflict of antagonistic concepts of baroque, as well as the use of analogical, digital and micro-scanned photography, together with the inclusion of texts (generally classic Latin quotes). All this appears recurrently in the group’s work, and the exchange of files, whether raw or cooked, is not alien to this circumstance.


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