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Desiderio Mundi's INFERNO (1st) Desiderio Mundi's INFERNO (2nd)
Desiderio Mundi's INFERNO (3rd)
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If in Miguel Chicharro’s urbanised world of towers and cities, reason’s dream stalks between the cracks, menacing the mathematical order of architecture, in Desiderio Mundi’s black landscapes, the forest, the jungle and primeval terrors, together with the old dreads, surface and invade with their monstrous presence the desolate ruins – where the moonlight surrounds the night creatures with its grey darkness. Barren places with ominous dampness where nightmares are fed, vigilant eyes that return multiplied gazes, hellish beings that remind us of the Hindu polymorphic deities.  Mundi’s proposed black chronicle, wakes up our biologic memory – the blind horror of the pre-human marsh, where amphibians began their long march towards evolution.