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Horacion Font


Horacio Font’s works are contained, distant, self-sufficient and reject dialogue, transforming the geometric perfection of the sphere – otherwise so strange to nature – into an animal artefact, a living being, petrified in the tactile qualities of minerals. As if they were oysters deep down in the ocean, these brilliant figures – weathered by the timeless brush of sand grains – possess the rugged and geologic armour of the shellfish and the dazzling shine of pearls. Maybe these rounded bodies are peacefully rocked  in the cold bed of Heraclitus’ river, hardly moved by the current of time. They are curved eyes of chiselled marble, by the watchmaker’s precision with which the sculptor gives life to the statues – those distant goddesses that watch us with blinded eyes, from the white vertigo of their haughty pedestals.


                                                   BIOGRAPHIC DATA

Born 33 years ago in Panama, where his father was working as an Engineer in a river project with an important American Company. At the age of 10 he goes into a military school from where he is expelled three months later. His family moves to Europe and Horacio is treated from a tropical disease affecting his vocal cords, which does not allow him to speak. He studies science in Vienna and specialises in molecular biology. He never practices this profession. Nowadays he lives and works in Majorca where he owns a pub with a bowling alley.